The driest April on record, high winds and warm weather can mean only one thing, a huge build-up of rain!

The clouds began to gather as the sun slowly faded; the familiar formation of storms shadowed the countryside. What better time to test a waterproof than in the first rain of spring?

Regattas New Perdita Women’s waterproof jacket has been introduced for spring/ summer this year, as a high performance interactive jacket, for use in any weather,this isotetex innovation contains a durable polyester fabric making it breathable yet water resistant, assisted with taped seams to prevent any moisture from getting in but exhaling water vapour therefore keeping you dry and cool.

The exceeding level of comfort provided by this jacket is suprising for the low cost, fitting perfectly and easily adjustable, the lightweight stylish design will ensure you are not out of place in the high street or at high altitudes, . With a concealed hood you will be prepared for anything, whether you’re doing the school run or scaling a mountain top, the Regatta Perdita will take you anywhere.

The Verdict

Having assessed this jacket I cannot consider any other womens jacket as a competitor in this price, another triumph from Regatta and a well-deserved Ski & Trek 5 Star rating.

The Regatta Womens Perdita Waterproof Jacket from Ski & Trek is now available in a range of colours and sizes.

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