Every Sunday evening, Theo Paphitis invites small businesses to send him a tweet about their Business. This has been dubbed ‘Small Business Sunday’ or #SBS. He selects 6 of his favourites (out of many thousands) and honours them with a #SBS of the week.

On Sunday 6th November, Chilloo Tweeted

At around 8.00 pm on Sunday Theo announced Chilloo in his top 6 #SBS.


After the announcement, Facebook/Twitter, and the website saw increased activity that resulted in a number of sales and enquiries. In all the excitement we gave a 10% code to all our new followers and online members to celebrate our new found ‘Dragons’ Support.

“Small Business Sunday was a significant boost for Chilloo and a great idea, the support Theo gives is a real stepping stone for small businesses like ourselves and a highly sought after endorsement! Lynne Rouse Managing Director of Ski & Trek was obviously delighted! “For Ski & Trek to receive this level of endorsement from Theo was tremendous and I’m delighted to say that on the back of this Chilloo are now supplying Dame Kelly Holmes with skiwear for her Winter Holiday.To find out more please check out our website at:www.chilloo.co.uk or you can follow us on twitter or facebook @skiandtrek