Shaping Up for the Ski Season

…and so it begins, that long slog to get you in shape for the forthcoming ski season.  It has started for me today with a long and soggy run into work this morning and my legs are already starting to feel it.  They say the first one is always the hardest and I hope that’s true because I don’t remember it being this bad last year and I hope to God it’s not going to get any worse.  I’m sure in the past I have been able to pick it up fairly easily after a break from training and I think I’d convinced myself that over the years I’d just built up a reservoir of strength and stamina but that clearly isn’t the case the way I am feeling right at this moment.  I have tried lots of things over the years to ease the burn when you step up your training from deep heat rubs to soaking in the bath with Epsom salts but I have come to the conclusion that you just have to live with the pain for a few weeks! 

I have to say, it’s as much about vanity as about actual fitness and the on-going fight not to go up a waist size in salopettes this year ( and let’s face it there’s nothing to be proud of when you poppers pop every time you sit down!).  Having broken my duck the next fight is to keep it going and we can all think of million reasons not to but you have to focus on that end goal.  It’s always easier when there’s a couple or more of you and you can generate a little friendly (or not so friendly!) competition, fear is always a good motivator and no-one wants to come last! 

The thing you have to keep in mind is that feeling you get after a full day on the slopes and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been skiing hard all day and that you can do it all again tomorrow.  So, when you have to get up that little bit earlier or when that car races past and sends of wave of muddy water crashing over you think about that beer at the bottom of the slopes on the first day of you trip safe in the knowledge that you’re wearing salopettes that fit you!!

I reckon we need to think of a few activities we can do that don’t actually feel like exercise but are just as beneficial but I guess that is easier said than done, if you have any ideas please feel free to send them in.  I will keep you updated with progress in the coming days and weeks!