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Ski Prix

Earlier this year, my wife and I went skiing to Morzine in the French Alps. My wife has only been skiing once before, and I am a reasonably accomplished skier, so as you can imagine, our abilities are quite different.

 My wife booked group lessons in the mornings whilst I was off skiing on my own, and we would try to meet up for lunch and then ski together in the afternoon.

The age and abilities of the other members of the lesson group varied considerably (my wife being the oldest) and, to be fair, she found it difficult to keep up.

Having had 3 major back operations my wife was always concerned about falling and this held her back. However, she is now becoming quite a competent skier, on slopes that she feels comfortable with, which goes to show that virtually anyone can have a go and enjoy skiing.

From my  perspective skiing alone in the mornings always had its risks, I would return to the relatively minor slopes in the afternoons to spend time with my wife. There was always a danger of us straying onto slopes that my wife didn’t feel comfortable with taking her out of her comfort zone making her reluctant to ski again..

 If we had been holidaying with a bigger group of mixed ability (and age) skiers, then I would have had someone to ski with in the mornings and my wife may have found someone of a similar age and ability to share lessons with. This is where Ski Prix was created and put into action as soon as we returned.

 The main focus of Ski Prix is to organise winter holidays and events with mixed ability groups. This encompasses everyone from complete novices to experienced skiers and those who would prefer to just soak up the atmosphere and après-ski!

Age should be no limitation either so we would like everyone to be included, especially those who may consider themselves too old to ski.

 Of course those who snowboard are more than welcomed too. If you ski and your partner is learning to snowboard, you can both end up spending a great deal of time on your own, so let’s get everyone involved!

 We will be organising our first winter holiday for 2016 in the next few months. This is likely to be in a fully catered chalet in France, either though one of the main reputable holiday companies or privately  organised, with chalets, flights and transfers, skiing lessons and equipment hire arranged to suit the individual.

It is possible that we may be arranging trips over the summer to indoor snow slopes and other social events and also introducing new skiers to suitable equipment and ski wear 

Currently we have a social presence on both Facebook and Twitter and publish several special offers a week from various holiday companies, airlines, skiing and snowboarding equipment and clothing suppliers.

Search for ‘SkiPrix’ to find our Facebook group and join up.

 We would like to make Ski Prix a friendly thriving community with a varied age and ability membership so that everyone can enjoy our skiing holidays to the full, whatever level we find ourselves at currently.

Membership is, of course, free, and you can sign up for offers, news and other great content. The group is still very much in its infancy and more content and information is being added daily. You can sign up and find our more at

St Jean, Du Alps